Track keeps jumping out of sync.

Hi is anyone else having an issue after starting a track and when hitting the sync button the track jumps out of syncing the first beat of the first bar. It seems to sync the incoming track at its second beat which is throwing the track out a bit.

Let me jump in again with my suggestion to have an option in the setting to Sync to the beat rather than the 4 beat bar.

Out of all DJ software i’ve used, Djay 2 (IOS) creates the best, most accurate beat grids. The problem is when you play songs that are not straight up 4/4, the marking for the first beat of the bar ends up being in the wrong place. That leaves two options, try to reset the first beat setting right before the mix (and then having to reset it the next time it is played) or manually beat match without using Sync.

Some of the songs I’m talking about are the hardest to mix manually since they might have a variable beat, as in a live drummer. Djay’s beat detection does a great job with varying tempo and it would be great to take advantage of it on these songs.

Surely, adding this option in the settings menu wouldn’t be difficult at all. By leaving the Bar Sync as default, this would not disturb current function for those DJs that play only 4/4 dance music or use Automix.

I would also like to praise the simpleness of fixing a miscalculated beatgrid. It’s the best!

The “Sync” not only matches your BPM. It also matches the first beat, which is displayed by the yellow Beat Grid. It may happen, that this Grid is set incorrectly. Therefore, we implemented the “Set Grid” feature, you can use to manually set the yellow Beat Grid.
If you want me to describe how to find it, please let me know, which djay version you’re using.

when i hit the sync button - the track jumps to the first beat - which is not the beginning of the track, but it is in sync.

Hi Jason, pardon for jumping in.
I’m using the android version. You have to switch from turntable view to waveform view first. Then there is a pencil icon. If you click it you can “set grid”. Make sure you are at the right position (red line at the first beat of the track).

Hoe that helps! cheers, rokr :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for feedback I’m using djay2. Where do I find the set grid feature.

Hi Adrian. Yes please if you could.