Track stops and turntables spin wildly

I am having trouble at least once every gig where the track stops playing and the turntable spins rapidly. It can happen for 1 - 10 seconds and it happens randomly. Any fixes or any idea what causes this. I am thinking of getting another DJ program as this is quite embarrassing when it happens.

I reported this for the last year… It is my opinion - that Algoriddim simply ported their iPhone/iPad DJay App to the Mac which would have a single core software architecture for use on a iOS device.

Without distributing the processing load/functions and primarily using a single core - this problem will continue… This is truly a disgrace that it has not been taken seriously…

I also fear using this program for the same reasons…unreliable - never know if it will stop working in the middle of a Gig… usually when a song is playing and you also are searching for a request… a single core architecture chokes…

What other programs are you running? Which MAC OS version? I had a few funny things but not near the level you are talking. Was running OS X10.9 or 10.10 I went in and shutdown all other programs and I no longer had the issue. Since that time I also upgrade to OS X 10.11 in hopes of more stability.

I should have paid more attention. Likely suspects would be Safari or Outlook. Maybe I had a bunch of windows open in Safari Facebook etc sucking up CPU. Who knows. But when I killed the other programs it got happy. If I ever see it again I will try to note more about the environment.

How much Ram do you have? Is your disk close to being full? These things too can have a negative effect on system performance.

I am actually running Djay because years ago a competitors program had some very impactful problems that were unexceptable so I get it. Not trying to make excuses for them but you have to remember newer builds are going to have more features as well as additional required libraries etc. Newer code is almost always going to be bigger than the old. With that said I am certain they are concerned about quality and the more they can know about what you are seeing the more likely they could address it.

Hi Sean,

we are very sorry to hear this, can you think of any actions you performed which might could have led to this behaviour?

Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

please note that we are building up every software by scratch customised for the platform.

Lukas E.

Hi Sean,

thank you for these informations. Could you tell us a bit more about your setup? Are you using an external controller besides djay Pro?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Sean,

thank you for these informations. We are very sorry but we can not reproduce your issue at the moment. Could you contact us right away if you have to experience this issue again via
We are very sorry that we could not help you so far.

Cheers.Lukas E.

Hi Daniel,

which background programs were causing your problems, thank you for your feedback.

Lukas E.

Thanks Lucas. Is there a fix for this problem. I never had a problem with the older program

No it doesn’t seem to be any particular tracks. It has happened while I am searching for tracks and it has happened whilst doing nothing but playing a song.

2015 MacBook Pro 13" . I’m only using the computer. No external controller

The only program I have open when DJing is DJ pro so unfortunately that’s not the problem for me but thanks for your input .

I do use a usb headphone adaptor though . It is a griffin imic. I never had trouble with the old DJay program only with the new one which I was forced to upgrade to.