tracks drifting apart

I just bought the new Windows version and I have this problem!

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Hey jason,

can you explain the problem you are facing exactly with your tracks in djay Pro for Windows.
I made this an own topic, because the topic you posted your question in was outdated and not about Windows.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Ali,

you have the same issue with iTunes tracks as well? Can you please tell me which tracks or even send me a link or a video showing the explained behaviour? That would be fantastic!

Lukas E.

This is a hot mess! I had to click the sync button over and over and over but nothing works. The songs just fly out of sync for no reason. Same songs in DJ Pro 1 work fine. If you have NOT upgraded DON’T!

Its the exact same problem described by many others, as I found after searching your “problems”. If you read the threads, one guy seems to have nailed the problem exactly. I think your “bpm” detection is slightly off somehow.

I had the issue while trying to loop on two decks at once, on spotify tracks… happened 95% of the time. Just try the software.

I re-read the manual to see if I was doing something wrong. I had more success yesterday, drifting much less. I was double-clicking the sync button and maybe i wasnt doing that before? Still drifted sometimes though, but i was able to correct by double-clicking the sync button again… so this could be a very easy coding solution… i.e. monitor the beat match and/or perpetually simulate the double click each “loop” cycle. Ive only been testing while looping parts of two tracks, changing the loops constantly (4, 8, 16). One other feature… sync button that combines the double-clicking AND key match!!!

I have been having the exact same problems, and I’m grateful for Lukas’ help but there really does seem to be some terrible BPM detection happening. This issue persists with Spotify and I see it also happening with downloaded non-drm iTunes files. Traktor never had this issue. :frowning: