Tracks missing in DJP vs. iTunes on MAC

DJP track counts are less than iTunes track counts. Tracks are being dropped.
I submitted this issue vis email several days back with no response.
email is

Appreciate your support.

This doesn’t help, but I’m on DJP 1.4.3 and it won’t show Protected AAC files. I still have the non-pro djay versions 3 & 4. Both will show and play Protected AAC.

Hey Richie,

can you tell us in which format your tracks are which are not getting displayed?

Cheers,Lukas E.

protected AAC kind
I cannot access 140 tracks that I could access prior to the latest DJP update (about 10 days ago).
I made a playlist in iTunes of all my tracks with KIND = Protected AAC and DJP would not even display the playlist.
There must be something new in this release preventing these from showing.
Some tracks from a popular artist are protected, others are not.
This stinks Lucas. HELP. Tell the geniuses.