Traktor S4 Midi Mapping

THAM guys, great application! But i wonder if i need to sell my Traktor S4 MK1 to have all the functions working.
I have managed to midi enable my S4 controlling Djay pro, but it seems that some functions cannot be mapped.
For example, my browse knob is not handling very well with djay’s libraries, so it’s pretty unusable and i have to use a mouse to choose my tracks (:S).
What seems to be the right mapping for this browse knob, is it even possible?

And second…:are my 4 decks supported with this native setup? It seems that the S4’s deck loading knob does not function at all, so other than the main 2 decks, the other ones could not be chosen.

Thanx 4 your replies!


Regarding the Browser Knob: Please try adjusting these settings until the Browser Knob works properly

Regarding 4-Deck control: When switching to Deck 3 and 4, there should be new midi controls being listed at the Configuration Windows for every control. Assign them to the correct Target and Action and pay attention on choosing the correct Deck.

Nop, i sold my S4 and bought a Denon MC6000 which handles all functions perfectly! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a solution to this same issue by adjusting the speed. Any other suggestions?

Louis, any luck with the browse knob issue yet?