TRAKTOR S4 SUPPORT is not a thing I guess with DJAY Pro

I have a new controller that I got 4 channels on specifically because Djay Pro allowed for use of that. Just to find out it does not even support it Traktor is pretty huge and DJAY is the bset dj app i have found that is also mobile on ipad and android tabs. When is the support coming if it is or not just say something about it daily i look intensely for answers and the ones i find are not the right answer. whats up Algoriddim ??

Never in the history of Algoriddim has Djay (of any variation or version) supported a Native Instruments device of any kind. I think it is safe to say it will never happen. I am assuming you have already found the right answer just not the answer you were looking for or hoping to hear…

Like you point out where the s2 is natively supported by djay ?

just about all controllers can be mapped but it is not natively supported. Again no native instruments devices are.

Matter of fact this is a post where Lukas (algoriddim staff member) directly talks about it as it is not natively supported……

Where did you see it was natively supported?

That is not really an answer I am sureness you are aware. Do you believe everything you find on the internet? I am assuming you will not even be taking the word of the people who actually developed this software?

It’s a Traktor controller. It supports Traktor.

Why did you buy something that isn’t on the list of supported hardware?

well you are wrong because it supports traktor s2

riiiiighht thanks for being so helpful

on the internet

It’s solution link.i try 5 time all work!…