Transfer midi files to Djay on iPad version


I have created a midi file for Djay pro on my mac an I was wondering if anyone know how to transfer Midi files to the iPad version of Djay?


It worked for me (with my Faderfox DJ44), but I think only if your controller isn’t already supported on iOS.

The same issue. I’m getting crazy to transfer the modded file to my ipad2, even if I read that it can be simply done adding the file to djay documents under iTunes.
this doesn’t work

any new by your side? thanks in advance

Yeah, I found that IPAD users can load/transfer map files ONLY for unrecognized/not natively supported IOS machines. All the natively recognized HW’s can’t be modified or remapped as Ipad profile. Only on Imac and PRO version this is possible (successfully done !)

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