trigger before end problem

I have been using the ‘trigger before end’ at 20 seconds for a while. all of a sudden it has stopped working and waits until the song has finished before starting the transition. I think i have looked at everything… i’ve even deleted the app and re-downloaded it, updated my OS. So frustrating. is it something i have done?

Same problem with me . Algoriddim is working on it.

New updates available on the App Store . It’s working again. That was quick . Well done guys.

version 1.0.10 Djay Pro

Version 2.8.15 Djay 2

it’s on the App store updated last night

The above is for iPhone. i have not checked my iPad yet.

hope they can fix this… great app otherwise.

Really?? I don’t see it yet but that is reassuring

Although the update hasn’t come onto my App Store, I deleted the app, re-downloaded and that has solved the issue… great work guys and gals.

New updates ! VERSION ??