Trying to organise my library on an sd card in android

Hi. I am trying to set up my reggae library on an sd card in a way that there is some logical viewing system in djay 2 (android). I have about 20,000 tracks which are in folders by “riddim” or “artist album”. So I might have a folder with “Playground Riddim” containing all the tracks on this riddim, and another folder containing “Beres Hammond - Greatest Hits” containing this album. However, when I view the library by album its chaos - some folders appear under their album name complete, some partially, there are lots of tracks just as a single item. Can you let me know what metadata on the mp3 the software is looking at please so I can update the filing so it is usable. Many thanks Jolyon

Hi Jolyon,

thank you for your post.

Could you check if your playlists are displayed correctly in the Google Play Music app?

We are synchronising directly with their playlist management.

Hi there,

the problem is, we can not display a folder structure in djay 2.
The application is directly linked to your Google Play Music app, we use their structuring.

I am sorry for that.

Hi Lukas. These are not playlists and have nothing to do with Google Play Music. These are folders saved to an sd card. I plan to be completely offline when I play this music (I will be in West Africa with no internet connection).