Two DDJ-SB2 issues - 1) Tempo slider sensitivity, 2) Roll support

I use a DDJ-SB2 with Algoriddim. It’s mostly really seamless, however two issues are really annoying.

First, the tempo slider is incredibly sensitive, and I have to painstakingly move the slider the tiniest bit to get the tempo of a cued some to match the one currently playing. I couldn’t figure out how to reduce the slider sensitivity - is this possible? It’s horribly frustrating, especially when the slider refuses to jump .1 BPM and skips over the correct tempo.

Second, I can’t figure out how to map the roll feature. In Serato it’s a simple matter of hitting the slip button and activating the roll pads, but in Algoriddim it doesn’t work. What gives?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Hey Ari,

thank you for your post and the feedback.
Can you tell me which pitch range you have selected, i suggest using 8% if you feel like the fader is sensitive.
You can change the range by clicking the BPM value and selecting Tempo:

Cheers,Lukas E.

In preferences you can find %6
It works better with SB2

8% is a little better but it’s honestly still very touchy! SO much more difficult to control than Serato.

How about roll?