Two problems with the DJay Pro Release

There are two problems with the new release of DJay Pro for Mac.

1 - when connecting and external controller, after using the iMac built in sound card, specifically the Denon DN-MC6000 MKII, and then choosing the controller as the sound source, it does not work. You have to select the external player and then go back to the internal player and select the denon for it to work. Happens every time I try to connect my controller.

I can create a video to explain better if you need me to.

2 - in autoplay, tracks are repeated unless they are removed from the list. This happened a while ago and was fixed and is now happening again.

Because these two problems directly effect performance, please fix them asap.

It is my own playlist. The songs do not wait until the end of the playlist to repeat. If I have a track that has already played, it may play again after three more songs, when there are 40 more tracks to go through.

I will make a video of the sound from the controller not activating. It happens every time.

Hey djmagicmoments,

thank you for your feedback. It would indeed be very nice of you if you can send me an exemplary video for better understanding, I was not able to reproduce the external controller sound issue so far.

Regarding the automix repetition of tracks, are you using a playlist of yours? After playing through the whole playlist the Automix starts all over, that is expected so far…

Thank you for contacting us.

Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up. I am having a hard time reproducing the track repetition, when I skip through a 10 track playlist with an active automix, every track is played once, as expected. Can you tell me your automix settings?

Looking forward to the video, thank you for your time.

Lukas E.