Unable to Automix or Analyze Music files

After the latest iOS update, I’ve noticed that I’m not able to use Automix or analyze new music files. When I selected either of these options, a window pops up stating that my iTunes music files are located outside my music folder so it would like permission to access them. When I select Okay on the window and try to continue analyzing the files or setting the Automix, the same notification comes up.

I’ve never had this issue prior to the update. What can be done to fix this? Has anyone else experienced this.

Thank you

Do you use the iCloud music library?
Please make sure all of your songs are made available offline within iTunes. 

Also, djay does not support any Apple Music files.

Some more info… This seems to be when you have made a que then go to add more songs.

sorry my comment was on the wrong thread…

I think I have the same problem. Playing songs is not an issue, but starting Automix brings me to a window where I am asked to give access to the iTunes media folder. And I cannot choose any folder :frowning: