UPDATE: djay Pro for the Mac 1.4.1

Hi there,

djay Pro for the Mac version 1.4.1 is now live.

Essentiel features which were addressed in the forum are implemented:

  • Added Touch Bar support on the new MacBook Pro. 
  • Added user manual in Help menu.
  • Improved overall app performance and launch time. 
  • Native support of the Reloop Mixon 4.
  • Native support of the Pioneer DDJ WeGo 4.
  • Fixed media library search field sometimes loosing focus on macOS 10.12 Sierra.
  • Reloop Beatpad 2: added 16 and 32 bar loops using shift + Auto Loop (first two buttons)
  • And various other fixes and improvements.

Thank you for your patience and please share your thoughts and feedback.

Cheers and have fun mixing,
Lukas E.

Hi Luckas,

I did a update in Mac Appstore. I try to open it but there was a error: "App is corruped. Please deleate and reinstall from Appstore. When I try to reinstall I have to pay the App again.

Tomorrow I need DJay Pro for a Gig. After the Update I can not start anymore DJay Pro. A Error Message told me DJay Pro App is curruped. Please help !!! Urgent.

No issues here. Updated right away.

Hi Manfred,

are you logged into the right Apple ID, you should always be able to reinstall the App as often as you want.

Lukas E.

Hi Emerald Gibson,

can you tell me what is not working? Is the update not being transferred by the App Store?

Lukas E.

Not working

I explained in an email that seems to have been ignored

I updated without any issues