Upside down list using spotify in IDJ pro

When I use djay2 in the numark IDJ Pro, if I select Spotify, the list displays upside down. The only way I can get back to normal is to unplug and close the app then make sure to only use iTunes library.

Hi Jim,

Is this problem reproducible? If yes, what are the steps?

I just tried that and wasn’t able to reproduce the error. If possible, can you perhaps make a short video recording showing the problem? Maybe I’m missing a step…

Oh, I get it. Mine is already logged on, maybe that’s the missing piece. I’ll try this again and get back to you.

Is there a reason why you don’t just keep Spotify logged in?

Hi Warren, every time I’m using the dJay 2 app along with the idj Pro and when selecting the library to choose music from. If I begin my session with just using my iTunes library, there are no issues. If I select Spotify to choose from, the list then appears upside down. And from that point, regardless if I close the app or not, both library lists will now appear upside down. The only resolution is to close the app, turn off the idj Pro and turn them back on.

Warren, I made a video but it doesn’t allow me to upload it. Only images. Is there an email I can send it to?

I’ll try sending pics in steps. Step 1 select load

Step 2 select spotify

I log in and hit allow

And then the fun starts…

It’s sideways this time and not upside down. So the next step would be to switch back to iTunes library and as you’ll see it is now sideways.

The only way to get it back to normal is to turn off the idj pro and turn it back on. And to protect my speakers I have to turn them off before I turn off the idj pro. Then turn the idj pro back on and turn the speakers back on. Not fun at a gig. Please hello before I commit to the monthly installments for spotify. I have heard it’s not as easy to get out of as they make not seem.