USB Headset/Microphone not working with Djay Pro

My USB Logitech H600 microphone/headset not working with Djay Pro on my Macintosh. The program can see my headset but it doesn’t “hear” my voice. What can I do to fix this? The problem also occurred with a different USB headset.

I dont think the Djay Pro has a Mic in setting. If you want to use a microphone, you’ll have to use an extern mixer or controller with own mic channel.

I’ve been trying to get this to work for nearly a month and it’s just not working. Djay Pro does have a mic-in setting as I can speak during my stream if I use the built-in microphone but it’s god awful thus why I want to use my USB headset.

I have the microphone set to my Logitech USB headset and the microphone button is enabled but it does not register that I am talking whatsoever.


If no one has a resolution to this issue, perhaps someone has a step by step guide to getting a USB headset to worth rather than just “plug in and make sure it is selected in devices menu”. Perhaps there is something I am doing wrong.