USB Stick in djay for Mac


I am using djay for Mac and I want to use an external USB Stick to generate an Auto-Mix. But why I can add the usb stick to my media?!

Your instructions in your help file does not work!


Please try the following:

  1. start djay for Mac
  2. tap the triangular icon in the bottom right corner to open the “Queue box”
  3. open Finder and go to your external HD
  4. drag and drop the files from Finder into the Queue box
  5. Click on Automix > Start Automix

cuestión… i can load my music by usb?

hope for this !!

Hey! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! It works :slight_smile:

But: Can you add the feature, to browse in djay to my usb stick? Like the normal finder from OS X - not only iTunes browsing.

Would be great!