Using a microphone on the line-in of macbook 15

i want to use a microphone with djay on the line-in connection which has the macbook 15".
Normal microphone don ́t work without pre amplifier because the signal must be lin level.
I need a solution, cheap and easy.

Thanks for answers

Udo Thomas

Hi Udo,

Sorry, I’m not sure what your question is exactly. Do you want to know how to use a microphone via line-in?

Yes, just plug it into the Line-in and configure it in djay’s Device settings.

Go to djay -> Preferences -> Devices and select Line-In for Microphone.

I recommend just trying it without a pre-amp first.

Hi Warren,

yes, I want to use a normal microphone via the line-in with has my macbook 15"
to make short announcements while using djay.
Is is possible?
I thing I have to use a pre amp to get the normal mic to line-in level?


Udo Thomas