Using a Projector.

If you want to use the video generated using djay pro, e.g. a projector how do you make the connections, can you use multiple projectors.
I can find no information on this subject?

Hi ELyPss,

which djay Pro version are you using, Mac or iOS?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Thank you for your feedback.

djay Pro for iOS:

You can connect all projectors which are linked to an AppleTV or connect the iPad with a HDMI adapter to an HDMI switch in order to connect as many projectors you want.

djay Pro for Mac:

The same as with the iPad if you are going for the Apple TV. If you want to connect your Mac via an video signal cable to an projector or HDMI switch, please check which output slots your Mac is supporting.

Lukas E.

Potently both

It’s better to connect directly to the computer using the HDMI adapter and if using IOS using the apple Lightning to Digital AV.

I have a lot of latency and dropouts when using the Apple TV.