Using dj connect with macbook

Why can’t I pre-cue songs in headphones with dj connect on my macbook? It will play the cue through both headphones and master or neither at all.

Hi there,

please make sure your soud preferences are set up right:

Please contact us right away if the problem is persisting.
Lukas E.

Hi Sam,

is it possible that your pre cueing settings are set to “Mix”, see attached screenshot and check if your settings are correct.


Hi Sam,

could you send us a picture of your setup via We are sorry that we could not solve the problem so far.

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

My sound preferences default to what’s shown in the picture when I plug in my dj connect. But when I try to pre-cue it plays the pre-cued song through both my headphones and through the master speaker simultaniously

Okay I double checked my settings and made sure they are as pictured above. It still plays my pre-cued song through the master simultaneously