Using streaming of DJay output like Shoutcast, practises and tips?

Good day!

I’m using DJay pro on MacOs mainly for virtual DJ’ing through an output Shoutcast.

For this I use an audio grabber (don’t know if I’m allowed to mention the brand …).
After googling this seemed the only option.
It works fine, no drop-outs and the grabber I use offers functions for post processing as well, like equaliser, limiter, etc. Very happy with it.

However, this particular grabber is not yet ported to MacOs 11. I hope this will be fixed, but in general I have some doubt about the continuity of this option. There is a tendency towards even more restricting usage of music through DRM. Audio grabbing could maybe be seen as a breach in limiting streamed DRM protected music by closing off devices.

I’d like to hear opinions about this and maybe tips on technical solutions for using Shoutcast and ice cast like options.

Cheers, Bart.

This is a very interesting questions, that I think may DJs currently think of: There are two aspects here:

  1. The technical part: Yes it’s always possible to digitally grab the output of your PCs soundcard. This has the advantage that you do not loose any quality. An alternative is to connect your PC to an audio mixer. This way you can mix additional inputs into your stream, for example an instrument or microphones.

  2. The legal part: This is trickier. Of course this depends on the country you are in. Generally it is now allowed to simply stream music to the public. See for example here: Reed Smith's guide to live streaming | Perspectives | Reed Smith LLP

I use DJay Pro 2 and capture the audio out via a program called Audio Hijack. This then feeds into a builtin Shoutcast/Icecast broadcaster. I use this to feed audio onto my land in second life.


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