Using the SYNC button when playing the same track on both Decks

Just a general question. I use DJAY with numark IDJ Pro.

If I I am playing a track in Deck A & wish to mix in the same track from a different point on DECK B. I find my cue point on deck B & create my loop to mix the track into Deck A. I am not a mix DJ so the Sync button is heaven for me, however when i press SYNC both Deck A & B are synced but playing at the same position, so DECK B is not synced with the loop I have created but is playing at the same position as DECK A.

Does this make sense? Can I bring in DECK B by using the SYNC button?
Any help is appreciated – many thanks in advance.

Cheers Lukas, i will try your suggestion - Many thanks.

Hi there,

I see where your problem is. The same track will always jump to the same position after using sync to do scratching tricks like beat juggeling for example.
A workaround would be to use the Sync in order to setup the BPM correctly and use the jogwheels to navigate to the looping area. Now adjusting the beat grid with the Pitch should help you to perform the desired loop.

Lukas E.