Using Tracks From an External HD, not in iTunes.

Hi All,

Is it possible to access tracks on an external hard drive that are in other, non-itunes formats such as MP3 etc?

Got lots of tracks that aren’t currently in iTunes I’d like to use and would like to keepp them on my External HD to save space on my MacBook Air.



Hi Rob,

djay supports MP3s whether they’re on the internal or an external HD. If you don’t want to add them to iTunes, you can also just drag and drop the songs directly from Finder onto the decks.

By the way, you can also add your songs to iTunes but still keep the actual files on the external HD.

start iTunes

open Preferences > Advanced

disable “Copy files to iTunes media folder…”

Now, any songs you add to iTunes will remain where they are and iTunes will basically just save a reference to it.