ver 1.3 update: Can't Automix Top100, tracks still freezing(really?still?)

Upgrading is great but losing functionality is not.

Any “Pro” DJ software must have a perfect output of the track playing, no skipping, hesitating like an old cd player. I am waiting to be able to let my DJs use djay Pro when we have a crowd. As management, I cannot accept the BOOs from the crowd simply because the software is not reliable. It is now a directive that all of our DJs must use another software for the weekends. (Serato, Traktor,Virtual DJ,etc…)

Club mgr

Still, realy still? This is your first post here, so where are youre previous questions, problems?

Maybe you should show youre hardware, so the algoriddim crew might actualy help you.

Hi The fox Jobs,

could you tell us which device and djay version you are using?
Are you connect to a stable internet connection?

Lukas E.

Hi lukas, we are all using the same(or very close): Macbook pro 2015, i7, 16g ram, 1tb ssd, El Capitain, djay pro (latest update ver 1.3), single user on a stable internet connection.
automix is turned on (selected top 100 or a different group) and we are all working with queue only: adding songs to queue letting the software do all the mixing.

We get a sporadic 5-10 skipping songs per day. This has been the case on all versions on mac os.

the automix of the top 100 was the way we all started the day, first clicking the top 100 icon then clicking the automix option. in this new version this option is no longer available. the only work around is to drag n drop to queue.

hope this helps fixing the problems, if you need any other info, please ask…