Vestax Spin and stereo connectivity with iPad

Hello there,

I have a question regarding the Vestax Spin(1) and stereo connectivity. I’ve had a long look online regarding dual stereo outputs and, as ever with a new breakthrough for Djay, there seems to be quite a lot of confusion surrounding what’s possible and what’s not.

Firstly, let me say I have an iPad2 running iOS6 and I have version 1.6 of Djay installed on the iPad. I currently own a MkI Vestax Spin. I also use the Griffin cable splitter in the headphone jack of the iPad.

My question is this; can you run an HDMI cable from the Apple AV adaptor (which is connected to the iPad via the 30 pin docking port) into the digital connection port in the back of the Spin? (Ie, the port on the Spin currently going to the 30 pin docking port on the iPad) Does such a cable even exist?

I’ve already tested the the headphone jack in the headphone socket on the right side of the Spin and it works perfectly since I installed iOS6.

The stereo setup almost works with original digital cable for the Spin and Apple camera adaptor / iPad. When I plug in the Spin, the iPad prompts me to set up the audio connections. If I select “Headphones” as the main output and “Ch3-4” as the cue output then, as I said before, the headphones are spot on. The sound coming through the speakers is in stereo as I’ve ditched the splitter cable, but far too quiet to play out with. One positive aspect is that it is loud enough to make a recording in stereo!

If the answer is no, the do you think this problem can be resolved in the next Djay update?

Any advice or knowledge you could share with me would be greatly appreciated.


Ps. fantastic app by the way!


There is currently no API to change the volume when using multiple audio devices. I recommend using the Spin for both Main Output and Pre-Cueing.

Hi Swed,

Sorry for the confusion.

About the missing API:
I meant that there is no way to change the volume(s) as soon as you use multi-routing (“stereo pre-cueing”).

You can try if the following helps:

  • Plug in your headphones first and turn up the volume to maximum using the side buttons
  • Connect the Spin and turn up the volume again
  • Launch djay

About using Spin for both outputs:
When prompted, select Spin Ch. 1-2 for Main Output and Ch. 3-4 for Pre-Cueing.
Connect your speaker system to the “Master Out” on the back of the controller.


I’ve given quite a lengthy unambiguous explanation in my question. I’m not a stupid person, but I’m still no clearer on the issue after reading your response.

I don’t know what “API” is and “using the Spin for both Main Output and Pre-Cueing” has left me bewildered.

Could you go into more detail?

Thank you.


Thank you for your more in-depth explanation.

It worked !

I ran a set of phono’s between the Master Out at the back the Spin and the aux. connection in the back of my powered speakers.

As I said previously, the headphones work perfectly with the jack in the headphones socket on the Spin.

The digital cable with the camera connector from the Spin into the dock of the iPad is as normal.

In audio setup, as you said, Ch. 1-2 for Main Output and Ch. 3-4 for Pre-Cueing.

The sound seems more robust than in mono, cause before when I dropped the bass down quickly, there would be a very slight crackle of distortion. But now it sounds more reliable.