Vestax VCI 400 - no mapping with 3.1.4 for mac

Hi there,

i just bought the vci 400 because its listet in the native supported controllers - connect it to my mac (10.6.8) and started djay for mac - but there ́s not a funktion.
i have a party tomorrow and i dont have the time to map any button - is there a mapping, that i can download as preset and put it in djay?

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Hi Carsten,

Native support for the VCI 400 has only been added in djay 4. You can download a free trial version of djay 4 for Mac here:…

You can add the mapping manually to djay 3 by doing the following:

  • download and start the demo
  • open “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu
  • edit the MIDI configuration for the VCI 400 somehow, e.g. add a shift + button mapping
  • the mapping file will then be saved in the same MIDI Mappings folder which djay 3 uses

So, after following the steps you should be able to use the VCI 400 with djay 3 without having to map everything.

lol, also a good solution. Thanks for your support.

downloaded version 4 from itunes, just 9€ right now…