Video only shows for the first second

I was hoping today’s update would resolve this. When I use the video mixer, the audio plays fine but the video will show for about a second and then go to black. The .mp4 demo content plays fine but the mp4 files I’ve gotten from fall to the mentioned bug. I’ve also tried .m4v videos. Only the demo content plays like normal.

Djay Pro 1.1.1
OSX 10.10.3
Macbook Pro, Late 2008

The design and features of this app is the best I could ever want a DJ app to be, so hopefully all the bug get worked out. This is the only one that’s really keeping the usability down (if needing to play video).

Sorry to hear that, Dallas. Using the video mode takes an increased amount of CPU. Low performance devices might be struggling with that.
We’ll have a look if we can do something about it…

As I play around, it may seem to be a CPU issue. If I let it play but don’t touch or use anything, the video eventually comes back. It goes away again when I load the other deck but then comes back after some time.

99% sure it’s a computer processing problem. When I quit all other apps, videos played pretty normal. Once I opened back up my browser (Chrome) the video that was playing cut out. Attached is an screenshot of my hardware overview.