Video Output Freezes DJay Pro?

When trying to use video output in DJay Pro, I get a really big issue… DJay locks up completely.

I have a 2011 Macbook Pro with High Sierra on with 10GBs of RAM. When I watch the Activity Monitor, and try to use video it says that I am using little more than 45% or CPU. However, DJP becomes extremely sluggish and then locks up completely leaving me with the beachball.

However, when I tab out of DJP, all other mac functions work properly.

Any ideas?

Same problem of freezing in video mode. MAC mini with 16 gigs of ram.

Yes, this is a known issue to me, I think it was introduced after 1.3 update. I tested it on a Macbook Air and Pro, playing through Airplay as separate display. Unusable at the moment :frowning: