Video via AirPlay?

Hi there,
I was wondering if it is somehow possible to send the video mix of djay Pro to an Apple TV via AirPlay.
My setup: iPad Pro with djay Pro on the same wifi with six HomePods and one AppleTV. Starting an Automix, I can play the audio on all HomePods simultaneously. I can also add the Apple TV but it only plays the audio, not video.
I was able to connect iPad Pro with a wired AV adapter to my TV to display video while playing audio on the HomePods via AirPlay. This of course resulted in a time delay between audio and video. Therefore I’m hoping to find a solution to play audio AND video over AirPlay to have them synchronized again.


This works for ME:

  • Record icon at the toon/ middle
  • Gear icon
  • I THINK the option is “Mirror Output”

Give that a try

Thanks for your reply, but I can’t find such option in djay Pro on iPad.
I can mirror the screen on my AppleTV but then the sound only plays on my TV. It is no longer possible to send audio to the HomePods via AirPlay.


Hey @no1dmfan,

Thanks for asking about this on the Community.

Generally, when you have a screen/monitor connected to your iOS device (either through HDMI or AirPlay) the “Mirror Output” option will appear in the djay settings as explained by @eFromDC. Enabling this will share the exact same screen your iOS device is showing to your connected display.

Please also note that whenever you’re using Bluetooth or AirPlay to stream audio or video, your mix will have significant latency. This is not something that can be overcome at this point.

It’s not currently possible to connect audio and video to different AirPlay devices. I believe this limitation is imposed by iOS. We apologize for the inconveniences this might cause you.

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That should be “at the TOP / middle…”

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