Visual effect Tricks & Tip using audio thru

If I want to have different visual effects while maintaining the same audio.

1.Load up some visual effects on decks 1&2 in video mode
2. go into four deck mode and make one of the decks “thru”
3. load the song you want to play on thru and start playing audio
4. switch back to two deck video mode while your audio plays thru.
5. You will get a warning that says keep or restore.
6. select keep. )at this point it would be nice if it gave you back the slider in the GUI but it does not.) ( I logged a separate issue for this)
7. using the crossfader (on your controller) now won’t cause an issue with your audio but you can do some fun visual effects using different transitions, video loops and the controller crossfader.

I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds rather tricky to do live without making a mistake. I normally prefer 2 deck mode, and having the screen space too. More visualizers please!