Vital update needed to SEARCH for tracks on IOS. One touch screen & one click midi needed.

Using IPad Pro 12.9" with Pioneer Controller (no keyboard).

It is vital that it only requires ONLY one touch on the IPad screen or one click on the controller before you can start typing to search for a track. This is still not possible.

Unlike the Mac version there is no current way of having a search box available on screen.

There is currently no working midi command to pop up the search box.

As of Djay 3.7.3 You have to click on one of 3 tune symbol screen buttons to first bring up the library.

You then have to find a very tiny magnifying glass that is placed between two other options that can easily be hit by mistake, to bring up the search box. The magnifier also moves location depending on if the queue is open or closed (this should be in a fixed location available at all times)

You then have to click on the X to delete whatever was there before, and start typing.

Djay is still great.
Please update to one click search and working midi search.
Thank you

Ps please also find a way to keep the BPM visible when the full library is open! You show the key and time but not BPM. It’s been an issue for years.

Long time user/purchaser. Djay 1,Djay2, Vjay, Djay Pro, Djay AI Subscription.

Hi @SteNight,

Thanks for sharing this suggestion with us. This would certainly make the process of searching quicker.

We’ll discuss this topic internally and we’ll keep you posted here.

It would be great if the Community could vote on this thread if they believe this would be a great improvement.

Totally agree about keeping the BPM on screen when the full library is open. :slight_smile:

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