VJAY AND IDJPRO! Professional use ina club sharing video and audio problem

Hi Warren and co,
vjay for ipad.

I can’t belive that there isn’t a way to share video by airplay to external monitor and audio by idjpro!
Vjay is the best dj/vj application that I have know untill today. User friendly complete in all.
It’s a pity don’t use it in a professional use live in a club.
I would like to play music from idjpro and sharing only video by airplay to club’s video mixer that send image to all screens.
If this way will be not improved, will be impossible use vjay with idjpro in professional situation :frowning:

By the way some users know if there is a way for do that I have write here? other controller for ipad?



Sorry, there is currently no adapter that would allow this. We’re not even sure if this is technically possible.

Thats realy a pitty, just a simply video out was enough, p valk netherlands