Vjay Hdmi monitoring with iPad

Why can’t I use the Hdmi adaptor and use iPad for cueing . I’ve followed warrens link advice as to what order to plug cable adaptor and headphones but either iPad freezes or cross fader even changes picture vice versa but even though play button lights up no movement on the timeline and no audio ,

Bit perplexed …

Hi Gavin,

Please try restarting the app or your iPad first.

Hi warren have tried all manner of scenarios and order of cables being plugged in and the best I can get is , Hdmi in tv and then to apple Hdmi adaptor already plugged into iPad then start up vjay app and I’m fine etc visual through tv with audio everything’s good bar having a monitor in headphones , so when I then plug headphones into iPad everything stops and iPad freezes , play lights up but no sound or movement . Then have to quit app . When headphones go in the box appears but with no option to send pre cueing to headphones both say Hdmi .

Have double clicked to quit app every single time . And tried the video link for cables several times .

Sabe for me