vJay needs another video source and more blending modes

Maybe I am spoiled from using Grand VJ but I have to say that I was disappointed with the tools in vJay. I should say that I regularly VJ for a live band and that flavors my perspective on what VJ software is supposed to be.

To get VJay up to a standard where it can help someone working with a live band you really need 3 video inputs. I like your user interface so I suggest being able to pick one of the lower inputs and lock it down as a loop in the background of the main screen. Once it is marked as background, I want to be able to change the video at the input and thus have 3 layers of video, a background layer and 2 overlays. Anything less than that and all you really have is a way to transition from one premade video to another… And that is not being a VJ.

To support this idea, I also want more blending modes for the video. “Add” and “multiply” at least.

Basically, I feel like the software as I bought it is too simple. I paid $20 for it (very expensive for an app) and as is, it is not useful as a vj solution for a live band. Until you add these needed tools I have to just let my 3 year old play with it so my money isn’t completely wasted.