volume and speakers

Getting frustrated here, every week i seem to be having some kind of problem why your dj pro app.

1st, i reported that one deck is working at a higher volume level than the other : deck B is louder than A even though the levels are set the same and nothing I’ve tried as resolved the issue.
now for some reason my headphones have stopped working even though i haven’t changed any settings.
i need some solutions please

Hi Stephen thorpe,

we are sorry that you have to deal with issues lately. I assume you are using the djay Pro application for Mac, can you quickly tell me which operating system you are using?

Regarding your issues:

  1. Can you check which advanced audio settings you have activated (preferences -> Advanced -> Volume).
  2. Can you please send us your Pre Cueing settings?

Lukas E.

Sorry for the delay but here is the settings.

Cheers steve.