Volume samples

Hello, is there a possibility to adjust the volume of the sample individualy ? And also to use them individually ? This was possible at the normal Djay

It doesnt seem to be available from the screen menu but its still there. You can get to it from midi map controls … Which controller you using?

From the screen in djay pro for mac you only have the one volume control … The central switch.

The function to adjust each sample volume independanly is available in the software but to do it you need a compatible controller … Or you may be able to assign to your current controller by changing the midi map.

What controller do you have and i may be able to help?

Sorry then Rob … I dont think you can do it

I mean in DJAY Pro off course

I don’t know exactly what you mean. I am using a Macbook pro…

This is what i mean. I can only control the volume with the central switch…

Sorry but i don’t use a controller. I connect my macbook directly to the mix panel by using the headphone jacket or usb. So i use the day software directly.

Ok, so that is a big different compare to the simple djay. I hope there will be an update soon …