VU meters of AKAI AMX don't work

I managed to adapt my AKAI AMX to the DJpro software via a step by step midi-configuration. But the VU meters don’t work, not for the master volumen nor for each channel.

I tried the controller with Serato DJ and it just worked fine. I have the actual algoriddim software 1.0.2 on my Macbook pro with Yosemite 10.10.2 -

So what can I do to make my VU meters work?

Hi Adrian, Algoriddim team,

Any news on this ? It’s the only thing missing in my full mapping of the AMX.

See my previous post about it :…

Otherwise is native support for the AMX/AFX is on the plans for Djay Pro & Djay for iOS ?


Jay Neural

I think what Joe means is there is a glitch in the transition when using faders. All faders and rotary knobs have some type of problem with this software while using the Akai AMX. I just got one and I’m disappointed that after troubleshooting there still is no solution. It glitches when trying to transition anything.

Seemed to make sense when I had a similar problem. It seems to be a software problem as the controller works with all other software I have installed without any problems. I wanted something smaller other than my larger Reloop TM-8 to take around for family events, but it has this problem where there seems to be a MIDI (stutter/glitch) on all of the transitions. Djay Pro is a great design, but it seems to have many software issues. I wish there would be more updates, faster.

Deck meters now mapped (DJ Tech Tools), looked at code of other natively supported controllers, plus Midi Monitor software to see the VU Meter Midi data channel and values sent from other DJ software. Still waiting to see implementation of master meters in Djay Pro to also use as a guide.

hi there, yes I have the same problem - will let you know if I get any luck with it. I have another issue…when I adjust the faders and knobs they seem auto cut so that I don’t get the preferred smooth transition - do you have this issue?

@Epati: Joe is absolutely right! You can change the Crossfader Mode to be smoothly instead at “Preferences” > “General”, as well as “MIDI” > “Option” > “Crossfader Cutting Mode”.

@ Joe: I’m sorry, but it is not possible to assign the VU Meters. This only works (automatically) with Audio triggered VU Meters. However, be assured, we’re looking into this!

Hi Epati,

no, that isn’t an issue for me.

In my case the fader goes smoothly from one channel to the other - however you can change some of the crossfader settings in the DJpro hardware-MIDI-menu and you can change the curves in the DJpro software under the dropdown menu “Mixer”.

Just try several parameters in both menus and you should find what you are looking for. - But first I would exclusively try the software menu “Mixer”.

Hi Adrian,

good to know that it’s a software issue and that you are working on it. Everything else is working as expected, I’m quite happy to own the AKAI.

@ Alex: No, I meant the AKAI’s audiometer LEDs that don’t show any information while using the DJpro-software. But they work as expected with the Serato-software.

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Yeah, with DJ pro I felt at home from the first moment on. Very rational and clear design, great sync function. Just the VU meters on the AKAI AMX, if they only worked … can you hear us, Algoriddim?