Waveforms temporarily disappear

I’d like to start by saying how pleased I am with using the app. I’ve had the older version on my iPads for a while but never really used it for more than a wedding ceremony or cocktail hour. I’ve been experimenting with this new version lately and I have been blown away by how much this app can do. So far all of the features are working well. One thing I have noticed though is that sometimes one of my decks, usually the left deck, will temporarily loose the waveform. It fades out for about 1 second but comes right back and there is no issue with the audio. I was wondering what causes that and should I do anything to fix it. I am using version 4.1.3 on a 64GB iPad air 4th Gen with iPad OS 16.2.

Hi @LogisticalStyles,

Thanks for your positive words about djay! And thanks also for reaching out about this issue with the waveforms temporarily disappearing.

It would be really helpful if you could please get a video of the issue occurring and drop it here. Just let me know when you’ve done so, and then I can further troubleshoot this with you.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Emily,
Thanks for responding to my post. I’ve uploaded a quick video of the issue. The audio during the entire clip is coming from the left deck. I have the same track loaded on both decks. At the :02 second mark I hit the Instant double button on my mixer and you see the right deck’s wave form blink. That is expected behavior due to the Instant doubles but you can see the wave form on the left deck drops out at the :07 second mark. When that happens I’m not doing anything to the mixer or the record. It also sounds like the audio drops or drags at that moment as well.

Thanks so much for sharing the video of the issue occurring! I’ve reported this to our Dev Team for further investigation, and I’ll keep you updated here as soon as I have news about why this may be occurring.

In the meantime, could you also please share more details about your full setup? For example, what mixer or other hardware do you have connected to your iPad at the time this occurs? How do you have everything connected (e.g., what adapters are being used, power source, audio connections, etc.)?

Thanks in advance!

I’m using my Rane Seventy connected via an Apple USB-C to USB-A adapter. I use my Reloop 7000 MKII turntables with needles and sometimes with Phase. I’ve also noticed this happening when I use the Mac version on my 2013 Macbook Pro.