We need fine beatgrid adjustment!

the new beatgridding features in Djay 2 are sweet! but sometimes the beatgrids don’t line up (for me that’s with Ghost’s 'N Stuff (Nero remix) ) and due to the way the beatgrid adjustment is set up, I can’t line the beats up. I put the playhead on the drum beat I want to make beat 1, and when I tap the adjust button it puts the marker like half a beat ahead of my position, as though the grid is locked and I can only change which beat is beat 1, and not actually move the grid. I recommend something like Traktor DJ’s beatgrid, which you can move freely over the track.

I know other people have mentioned this in various topics, but there hasn’t been one dedicated to this yet, so I’m creating this to give people a place to +1.

Great job so far guys :slight_smile:

yes we do!!!