What effects do you use most?

Hi there,

I’m just interested on what effects you use most during your sets.
I just got my new Reloop Mixtour in combination with Djay Pro on my iPad and I’m struggling if all effects in the shop are necessary…

Absorb, drift and sway … All for transitions. They are the preinstalled effects. I have the effects packs but dont use them often.

By the way … Where did you get your Mixtour? I cant find it available in the UK. What do you think of it?

Time travel, uhnk, uhnk, flanger, snare gun, and complexer.

Thanks for the replies. I’m from Germany and here the mixture is already available. Have a look on www.elevator.de

I like it very much, it is the missing part to go for professional ipad djing (without buying big controllers)