What happened to Mic Effects?

When will Mic Effects come back to DJay? I’m sure I’m not the only person who uses the EQ on the mic to compensate for various problems with headset mics.

Hi Blackfyr,

Do you mean the Audio Unit Effects as in djay 3?
I’ll forward this feature request to our developers.


Yes. I know I wasn’t the only one who wondered about this on the old forum. I DJ online and record some shows for a podcast and need the EQ to correct for mic deficiencies.I love Logitech headsets, but no headset I’ve come across has a decent mic. Removing this feature has kept me from upgrading my OS & software on my DJ station, as I cannot use it without those corrections.

I can record a demo, if you like. We have a sound baffled room for our recording/broadcast work that can be used to isolate the system from extraneous sound sources.

I decided to go ahead and record a short demo of how important the Mic AUE can be to those of us using headsets. Use this URL to listen in: http://bit.ly/L6RlFK