What n where is the BPM and track information saved (iCloud)

I thought the bpm and cue points were stored on iCloud which meant you could retrieve the track info from a different device. I need to know how the cue point info is indexed to tracks and saved by Djay, is it just by file name, file path or file tags.

I ideally hope it doesn’t use file location path and that it either uses the file name or file tag info.

Reason I ask is cause I have tracks on my iPad that I have scanned and set various cue points for. As my ipad was synced with a computer that died suddenly died n lost hdd…so I am about to resync my iPad to a new pc but as we all know the s#!+¥ iTunes is telling it is also synced with another device and it will erase everything on my iPad. I have the tracks on a hard drive so I will be able to reload them if I go ahead and sync my ipad and erase everything.

What I want to know is after Ive put my music back onto my iPad (with some tracks moved into different album folders but the track names and tags unchanged) and load a track onto djay, will the saved cue points come back seeing as they are saved in iCloud?

I need to know ASAP so I know how to proceed.

Thanks guys