What needs to be added/adjusted in iPad version

djay Pro AI Menu should be condensed more (Combine Classic Deck, One Deck, Two Decks and Four Decks)

Don’t Reset Dry/Wet EQ on Track Load

Permanently Save Dark Mode for Waveforms

Apply an all Dark Mode for the UI and add the option in settings

Option to Expand the Library Window when choosing “Add Track 1 or 2”

Music Library:
Add Sidebar Seeker in Playlists and Files when Applying a Filter
Expand to Show All Track’s Info

Within Settings:
MIDI Control for Double Tap Button
Disable Hotkeys for Keyboard
Protect Active Deck by Disabling Hot Cues and Needle Search but not while pre-cueing

+1 for permanently save Dark Mode for waveforms. Please also add this to iPhone version.

+1 for UI Dark Mode

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+1 for making the UI more flexible and offer more configuration for 2 deck mode. The current UI/UX is “ok” when you use your iPad only.

But when using a hardware controller (as most DJs do) the UI should be improved.

+1 for a better search user experience (UX). Please do not use “pop ups over popups” in the UI. Better show the search result in its own tracklist fullscreen.


Offer an easier way to navigate the music library when loading tracks to the decks

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Native support for Hercules inpulse 500

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Pre cue icon/button🎧that have in the one of the previous version we’ve pay

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Remove djay Pro AI Menu:
Combine All Modes: Classic, One Deck, 2 Decks, 4 Decks
Add Automix and Video on the UI

Remove Spotify

Add Rating Filter Feature for Library

Add an Inverted Vertical Waveform option

Add a Horizontal Waveform option in Vertical View

Music Library:
Add Feature to Move or Remove the Playlist Icons (Beatport, Beatsource, iTunes, TIDAL, etc.) from the left sidebar
Add Ability to Sort Music Two Ways
Add Ability to Expand the Library Window Wider when Loading from Deck 1 or 2 while in Vertical View
Add Ability to Match Music for Any of the Following Rules in Smart Playlists Filter
Show the BPM display on Decks 1 or 2 when the decks when the Library View is Expanded
Add Option to View Music Library in a Smaller Size Without Album Covers on the Left Side and Move the Album Cover by the Name of Album at the Top

Within Settings:
MIDI Control for Double Tap Button
Disable Hotkeys for Keyboard
Disable Hot Cues and Needle Search while “Protect Active Deck” is enabled, but not while pre-cueing a song


Dj707m native support for djay pro on ios

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I like not having to lug around my heavy MacBook Pro for impromptu gigs. But of course I need the comments and rating columns from iTunes in Djay pro for iOS!

As it is now I choose music ‘randomly’ as I can’t read how good/energized the songs are! Neither their special quirks and qualities I note in comments.
This REALLY annoys me! How am I supposed to remember all songs by heart?
I need my notes!

+1 on following features.

(iTunes rating)

Midi mappable function to switch library table when using midi controller.

Comments column from iTunes

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