When did DJ Pro stop generating tracklists for recording? This is very important to me as I record and publish 5+ hour long mixes.

I can no longer find the text files in Djay Pro documents folder. This renders pretty much the software useless for me now. :frowning:

Yes. Traktor and DJ Player pro both save a track list in either XML or plain text format with the recording. I swear Djay used to as well? Am I mistaken?

Iā€™m going to have to request a refund if this is not actually a feature as it is 100% essential for me.

Hi there,

thank you for your feedback. It is possible to export your history as an CVS file, have you checked that feature out yet?
Thank you guys,Ā 

Lukas E.

Do you record them using djay then upload them from that?