When does djay update the NowPlaying.txt file?

I have SONG1 on table 1, and SONG2 on table 2, both playing. Table 1 is active, and NowPlaying.txt reflects this. I switch to table 2, and NowPlaying.txt reflects that. When I switch back to table 1 (still playing SONG1), NowPlaying.txt still shows SONG2 as playing, and ping-ponging between the two tables makes no change to the file. It won’t update until I load a new song onto table 1 and make it active (but not necessarily playing).

Is this expected behavior? Is there a way to have the file simply reflect whatever is on the active turntable, whether or not the table contents have changed since the last time it was active?

On the Mac version of the pre-Pro versions, it’s on the following path :

/ROOT DRIVE/Users/YOUR HOME DIRECTORY/Music/djay/NowPlaying.txt

Where is this file located?
What is the file path for the NowPlaying.txt file that djay pro updates?

Hi Noah,

Thanks for contacting us.

I agree, the NowPlaying.txt should update according to the active turntable. I’ll notify our developers.