When I try to bring up a song from the library on my iPhone, the song flashed then the app closes.

Used to be fine, now as soon as I click on the track selector button, a song flashes and then the app closes.
Is there a fix for this

Hi guys,

This is a known issue and our developers are currently working on it.
In order to get this problem fixed, we need to know, what exactly is causing the crash. Therefore we kindly ask for your help: Can you sent us the Crash Report to support@algoriddim.com ? It can be generated by following these instructions (Don’t worry, it’s really a straightforward process):http://www.ondemandworld.com/how-to-find-crash-logs/

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and kindly ask for patience.

Please try to update your device to the newest iOS version (iOS 8.3). The reported issue is fixed in this update.

I’ve got the same problem on my iPad. Shortly after the latest update.
Doesn’t look like “support” are acknowledging this issue, as all the posts I’ve found have had no response from the developers. Slack!