When is a deck considered to be selected ?

Hello, I am struggling currently using a MIDI controller with the setting TARGET → Selected Deck.

No matter what I do to change the focus to deck 2 the MIDI controller is only controlling deck 1.

So my question would be what do I have to do to switch the focus from deck 1 to deck 2. I was assuming that touching the jog wheel or any control in the software is enough but it looks like it is not.

I tested this only in the iOS version so I can not say if we are getting the same issue with iPad or macOS.

Which Controller are you using?

Hi @maurizio_T,

Thanks for your answer but it will not matter which controller I am using.
But if you are interested in this case I am using an Ortho Remote to control the Jog Wheel in Djay. Like I said it only works of Deck 1 in “Selected Deck” mode or of course if I select Deck 2 for for Deck 2.

If there is no super tricky thing I would have to do I would consider this as a bug. :frowning:


Also with the macOS version “Selected Deck” setting is not working.

For me as a new user it’s very disappointing that such simple things are not working as expected.

The “Selected Deck” target can be controlled via the “Select Deck X” MIDI actions under the “General” target.

Hope that helps.

Thanks @Anders for your help but why is the deck not getting selected if I interact with it in the UI. If you know Traktor Pro, it is exactly like this.

In my case I do not really like to use an additional MIDI action to select the Deck :slight_smile:

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