When loading a track, the first 1 - 3 bars are always missing - Djay 2 Android Samsung A4

I load a new track and go to wave view and find I cannot scroll to the very beginning of the track. The track appears to start 1 beat, sometimes 3 beats in. I am getting around this by dropping the track on the offbeat, although the amount of missing track doesn’t seem to be consistent, so I’m then playing catch up to get the track beat matched to the correct phrase. Or if I have time, I set a cue point 4 or 8 bars down the line and start the mix from there. Has anybody seen this problem before? I would really appreciate some help, since apart from this, the software seems to be bloody amazing!

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I have already sent SEVERAL tracks with this problem and the response to me was that they have no answer and they are looking into the problem.

The tracks read perfectly in VDJ and other software but the waveform does not match the track in Djay Pro.


Hi there,

thank you very much for pointing this out.
Could you please send us the files of the “corrupted” songs via support@algoriddim.com so we can reproduce your issue at our office.
Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.