Where is Airplay?

Where is AirPlay? I just updated to 4.0.6 to get AirPlay and I can’t find it. I thought the AirPlay icon was going to show up on the mixer somewhere but it’s nowhere to be found. I’m running Mac OS 10.6.8 on a 17" Macbook Pro. The AirPlay button conveniently shows up in my iPhone app–but nowhere on djay for Mac.


AirPlay is only supported on OS X Mountain Lion (and later). Older OS X versions do not allow 3rd-party apps such as djay to use AirPlay.

I’ve got Moutain Lion 10.8.2 and I’ve just bought Djay for Mac 4.1 on the Apple App store.

Apparently :

  1. I can display to only ONE of my 5 Airplay devices (where as iTunes beautifully display to all of them without any latency) ??

  2. There is no precuing with Airplay ??

Is that all true ??
If yes I want my money back (17,99€) !!
I bought Djay only for precuing on my USB headphone…