Where is old DJAY app?

Still awaiting a response regarding the fact that I cannot find the previous version of DJAY that I paid for years back and was happy with. Bought a new Mac, sold old one and now have no DJAY app :frowning:


Scroll down and ver. 3 and 4 are on the right hand side. Took me about a minute to find from this page.

Hi there guys,

thank you for your posts and your help @Deejay Dave.

@Sensev El-Ahmadi
The support can send you your account informations and a download link in order to get djay 3. Would be great if you could tell them which email you used for purchasing djay 3 back in the days.

Thank you two,
Lukas E.

Thank you for this.

I previously purchased DJAY 3 and am now unable to download to my new Mac (previous Mac was restored to factory settings)

Well I checked them either:

sensev@me.com or sen@catwalkclothing.com (that email now obsolete)