Where is the FX Pack I bought?

I recently purchased a FX Pack for my DJ Pro. I did not see any D/L or code. How do I access the pack or download it? FX in the program doesn’t seem to have any new FX’s.

To be sure you have the FX pack purchased and installed successfully:

On Mac Go to Djay Pro menu (top left) and select FX Store and make sure it says “Purchased” if not click “Restore Purchases” and sign into apple ID you used to make purchase.

On iOS go to Settings then FX Packs Store then make sure all the FX packs you purchased are checked off (check mark to the right of the pack) if not again click restore and be sure to use the same apple ID you used to make purchase.

If purchased successfully when using the Djay Pro app go to teh FX section on GUI then click on the FX type and a drop down menu will appear and your new FX choices will appear under the respective titled header.

Hi, Paul. How are you? This David Seok. For the fx that you bought: 1) Go to the FX buttons, 2) press the button (the 1/4 note key with a small plus sign); it is in the middle of the FXs button.